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The idea of sharing the "ins & outs" of Sintra with people from all around the world came from a friend - October 2015, a dear friend working onboard cruise ships, was in Lisbon with the ship and had a couple of hours off... she asked us if we could drive her around for one afternoon and show her what we were always saying about Sintra... and we did!

We took her all over the place and the "ah's" and the "oh's" were so nice to hear and the "this place is so green and mysterious"... it was the best feeling ever - to be able to awe someone about the place we live in, its such a fulfilling feeling!!


  • Sheilah Reid - 4th February 2018 (Canadian)

    What a lovely tour you arranged for Jane and me when we were in Sintra! You customized the tour to align with my physical challenges – and the knowledge you shared regarding the locations we visited was awesome! Thank you so much for the efforts you made to accommodate us. You did a great job! I would encourage everyone to plan their trips with you!

  • Celia Feng - 24th January 2018 (Canadian)

    A terrific guided tour in Sintra! We had a wonderful private tour with Sofia in Sintra. Saw the Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle, walked through the beautiful woods of the palace at leisure, tasted the delicious local pastry brought by Sofia. After the tour, she also drove us to a beachfront restaurant to enjoy a local seafood lunch while watching the ocean waves. Sofia was a very professional guide, knowledgeable and fun to be with. It's also a great bonus that she knows how to take great photos and loves animals. I enjoyed this tour tremendously and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a private tour to Sintra!

  • June 15th, 2017 - Doug, Traci, Riley & Kylen (Pittsburgh, USA)

    We spent a day with Sofia exploring Sintra. It was apparent to us within a few minutes that we’d made a great decision. She is incredibly enthusiastic about her favorite town, and knows details we never would have discovered on our own or through a guidebook. From the first stop, Sofia took us on back paths to avoid crowds and roads, and especially to enjoy the lush surroundings. She’s practically a botanical encyclopedia. She brought the history of the sites to life for us, and visit places we never would have seen (or understood). She’s so good that several times we heard others nearby say, “we should follow her around.” There is so much to do in Sintra that you can’t see it in a day, and she helped us prioritize a second visit on our own to make the most of our time. We’ve taken many private tours, but Sofia is something special. Do not miss a chance to spend time with this passionate, delightful person!

  • May 25th, 2017 – Kurt & Cindy Herrmann (USA – New Jersey)

    From the start Sofia was wonderful giving you a big smile and a wonderful hug. Within the first 30 minutes you could tell Sofia loved her job and she treated you like we had been friends for years. Our tour of Sintra was amazing. Sofia would tell and show you things that you would miss.

  • May 19th, 2017 – Julie & Danny Pereira (USA)

    We had a great time with Sofia in Sintra. The area is incredibly beautiful and it was well worth the time to see it. We would love to come back someday to really explore the surrounding areas. Sofia is incredibly knowledgeable and we could see that she truly loves Sintra and being a tour guide. We would highly recommend her! Thank you for the amazing experience!

  • April 27th, 2017 – Anna Bauchman (USA)

    Sofia was an excellent guide. I felt more like I was hiking with a friend than on a tour, which I find a far more comfortable dynamic. We hiked to a beach that is completely remote and has incredible views out to the sea all the way down. The beach itself is very special as it has large rock formations, so it's a bit otherworldly. As a tourist, I'm always trying to find ways to the lesser-known and more remote gems in places. It's not always easy to find them, but Sofia's tour takes you right to one of the best. Also, since she's from Sintra, she had great recommendations for the town, which I explored after our hike.

  • April 14th, 2017 – Ann & Friends (Germany)

    We had a wonderful day in Sintra together with Sofia. We were very satisfied with the content of the day. Sofia had a lot of interesting and good knowledge, and she had arranged the days content fully satisfactory. She gave us many good tips about Lisbon, what to visit, were to eat and more. Thank you very much to Sofia. We can recommend her to other visitors in Lisbon.

  • April 9th, 2017 – Angela (USA)

    Ah, Sofia is a natural guide. She's very warm and extremely knowledgeable of the history and hidden spots in Sintra. I highly recommend Sofia for your trip to Sintra! 

  • April 8th, 2017 – Myriam, Christiane and “Benji”

    Nous avons eu une journée incroyable avec Sofia. Dynamique, attentive et intéressée par sa ville, elle sait nous la faire apprécier et nous la faire découvrir. Nous la recommandons chaudement. Myriam, Christiane et Ben!

  • March 17th, 2017 – Christoph Renevier & Family

    We had such a wonderful time with Sofia. Our family - two kids - enjoyed every second. Fantastic, magical Convent, lots of secret places, spectacular views...and on top a birthday-cake! Perfect guide/host. Sorry that we could only give you 10 "hearts".

  • March 4th, 2017 – Outi & Family

    Thank You Sofia for the excellent guidance of Sintra - we enjoyed every single minute of the tour :), and you are such a terrific person to have as a guide! :) You gave us a lot of knowledge and stories and history of Sintra, we are so grateful :)

  • February 20th, 2017 – Marisa & William Fissel

    Sofia gave us a great tour of Sintra with great suggestions for things to do in Sintra after the tour. If you are going to Sintra, we would highly recommend hiring Sofia to show you around. She can customize the tour perfectly for you. We are fairly fit, so she took us on an amazing hike to the Moorish Castle, but she will create a tour for you if you are unable to take such a hike. Just let her know your physical capabilities. She also included a wonderful pastry and delicious drink. Our visit was wonderful.

those who want to discover the ins & outs of Sintra

... for those who want to experience the "other" Sintra... for those who love fairytales and legends... for those who are eager to know it all... and for those who just want to enjoy a beautiful day out!

So, are you ready to discover Sintra with Sofia?

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Sintra for those of you who come to visit, is just that – just a village… however, for those of us who were born here and live here – is so much more than that… it is an entire World!!

Family & Friendsper person
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That is exactly what we mean – we would love to welcome your family and your friends to Sintra!! Come with us and have a full day of stunning beauty, play hide & seek with your kids and go to places only locals know about!!

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Would you like to offer a different activity for your business team or for your CEO’s visiting Sintra?

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Praia Grande means exactly that, among the small hidden beaches of Sintra, this is probably one of the longest and at its very end has dinosaur’s footprints on the side of the cliff. And it's Arribas Sintra Hotel!

Sofia recommends

The West Shores of Sintra – The Arribas

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Travelers & Family

When we hike, we discover new locations and feel new emotions and we free ourselves from the stress of our day to day life! Those new emotions will allow us to get more vitality - physically, mentally and emotionally.


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our Team

Sofia Quintana Project Mentor

I am a traveller!

I enjoy knowing people and their history as well as their culture! I love to welcome you to my country and specially to Sintra, which has a very special place in my heart, and to be the host like so many other were to me during my travels… Allow me the opportunity to show you to my beautiful country and the lovely food we are known for! Will be waiting for you!!


I am a one man band!

I am an historian, I am a teacher... but above all... I am a father! I enjoy communicating with people and I'm rather good at it too!! Can tell you all about Sintra in four different languages! Allow me the opportunity to tell you all about our eatable flowers in Sintra as we walk through the fields, cliffs and forests! Hope to see you soon!


I am a homemade Chef!

My name is António and I’m a cool guy who loves to cook! Nature and people are my anchor – they are the two things that ground me… Started hiking with Sofia a year ago, just for the fun of it… a year later its turning into a way of life!! Something I would love to share with you!


I am an artist!

My name is Cristina and arts are very important to me – I love reading, writing, painting… I’m a mother and my daughter is my world – sincerity and honesty are my guides and I share a love for all living creatures! Sintra is all about passion, enchantment and magic… and together with Sofia we will pass that passion to you! Look forward to meet you all!!

what are we on about?

So... we want you to feel at home in Portugal as we do!

We want to share the beautiful, breathtaking landscapes we have around here... and we offer a few ways to do just that, in and around Sintra!

We would like to have you as a friend, when you leave!!

We take small groups of friends and families out, as we do not want to damage the local vegetation, the local trails but also because we want you to enjoy and take in as much as you possible can, while with us... and you also have to listen to the silence!!

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Please send me some feedback. This is the main spot where to reach me for some extra information! Specially to get information on prices and personalized tours.

Contact me. Sofia.

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