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The West Shores of Sintra – The Arribas

3 days / 2 nights, includes a hiking tour

+ Transfer to the hotel and back to the Airport

+ Hiking tour to be done on the morning of your 2nd or 3th day!

+ When booking please advise when the hiking tour is taking place.

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Personalize Your Day with Us

If you feel we are the right kind of peeps for you and you would like to spend some time in our company, but if what we offer in our tours is not quite what you are looking for, please go no further - Just tell us what is that you have in mind and allow us to put it together for you and your friends or your family... or just you!!

The village of Mata Pequena & Lexim Volcanoper person

Moderate hike with 8.5km in length and with 2 small climbs; Please bring suitable clothing and sturdy or hiking shoes; Don't forget to hydrate yourself and bring water as well as some food to keep your stomach quiet!

The Village of Boroasper person

Moderate hike with 14km in length, with a relevant up, and accordingly, down path; Please dress considering some sun exposure and maybe some windy and occasionally rain; Remember to bring some sun protector; Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and bring some snacks along for the ride!

Campo Lapiás, Pedra Furada, Negraisper person

Moderate hike with 7.5km in length and a few "ups & down's"; Please bring suitable clothing and either sturdy shoes or hiking boots; Don't forget your water and bring a snack for later.

The Village of Penedo & Capuchin Conventper person

Easy hike with 7km in length and some of the expected "ups & downs"; Please dress in layers: exposure to the Atlantic on the west gives rise to a cool, moist climate! Remember to bring your water and something to keep your stomach full; Does not include entrance fees for the convent.

Sintra off the beaten trackper person

Moderate with 7km in length and one big clime up; Please bring sturdy or hiking shoes and adequate clothing; Don't forget to stay hydrated – bring water along with you and food; Does not include entrance fees for the palace or the castle.

Traveling the Old Tram & The Exotic Monserrate Palaceper person

Moderate hike with 4km in length and one clime up to the main gate at the Gardens of Monserrate; Please bring shoes with a good grip; Do not forget your water and some food; Does not include Tram tickets or entrance fees for the palace.

Corporate Business

Together with our business partners, we have developed some activities which we believe will be of your liking! We offer, but is not exclusive to, the following options for tours & Events


Good Ways To Walk

Code of conduct and good practice

We would like to have you as our partner in the preservation of the places and trails we walk through and in order to do that, we need to have into consideration that other than the footprints left behind us, nothing else should be disrespected, vandalized or polluted by our presence there!!

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Lets not disturb Nature, leave everything as found!

It is also of great importance to respect and take into consideration all the signs found during our hike or our walk or in any trail we may come across!! And always bring with you everything you need to make your hike a good one!!

Support Material

Winter Season in Sintra

With rays of sunshine shining on us through the vegetation… or…with rain… or heavy mist dropping from the trees…. or with haze… Obviously, being from here, I can only see beauty in every corner of Sintra!!

We will provide you, for free, with the follow:




 Walking sticks (we will try two per person)

 Frontal flashlights (on nocturnal hikes)

Summer Season in Sintra

Well… in summer you have gorgeous golden light and a really hot & humid weather! So, for the Summer Season we will have for you, also for free, to helping going up and down the hillside of the mountain of Sintra:

We will provide you, for free, with the follow:


 Sun Lotion

 Walking sticks (we will try two per person)

 Frontal flashlights (on nocturnal hikes)

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