Sintra off the beaten track

Traveling the Old Tram & Monserrate Palace and Gardens

Sintra off
The beaten track

The name says it all – inviting you to go off road!

Both these tours are walking tours and both are adventurous! And both will take you to spectacular sceneries around Sintra!

One will take you hiking up the mountain and the other happens on a hill cliff overlooking a wild beach with a rock shaped like a bear!!! You choose... We love them both!! This is, as the name suggests, a time to explore Sintra and its most unknown or unexplored areas!


Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. If you choose to do explore the beach, please be aware that this is a wild, natural beach and the trail is very steep - it's advised to wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes.


Which has open to the public late in November 2015, hiking from Sintra old town up to the Palácio da Pena and Castelo dos Mouros, or if you prefer… we can walk down!

Off the beaten track route

This is an off the beaten track route which will take you walking around the narrow alley ways of Sintra, embracing the beautiful natural, golden light of the day! We can also offer you a combination of sightseeing and monuments: such as the visit of the Moorish Castle, Capuchin Convent and Cabo da Roca… by car – ask us how it works!! Sometimes Sintra is a place of mystery, it has many days of mist and moist falling on you from the trees and it takes an entirely different atmosphere!

Technical Details

- Moderate with 7km in length and one big clime up;
- Please bring sturdy or hiking shoes and adequate clothing;
- Don't forget to stay hydrated – bring water along with you and food;
- Does not include entrance fees for the palace or the castle;
- Personal Accidents Insurance and Civil Liability is included

Rendez-Vous Point

Av. Dr. Miguel Bombarda, 59, Sintra Train Station, 2710 Sintra

Coordinates: 38.7993886,-9.387748,17z

Good Ways To Walk

Code of conduct and good practice

We would like to have you as our partner in the preservation of the places and trails we walk through and in order to do that, we need to have into consideration that other than the footprints left behind us, nothing else should be disrespected, vandalized or polluted by our presence there!!

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Lets not disturb Nature, leave everything as found!

It is also of great importance to respect and take into consideration all the signs found during our hike or our walk or in any trail we may come across!! And always bring with you everything you need to make your hike a good one!!

Support Material

Winter Season in Sintra

With rays of sunshine shining on us through the vegetation… or…with rain… or heavy mist dropping from the trees…. or with haze… Obviously, being from here, I can only see beauty in every corner of Sintra!!

We will provide you, for free, with the follow:




 Walking sticks (we will try two per person)

 Frontal flashlights (on nocturnal hikes)

Summer Season in Sintra

Well… in summer you have gorgeous golden light and a really hot & humid weather! So, for the Summer Season we will have for you, also for free, to helping going up and down the hillside of the mountain of Sintra:

We will provide you, for free, with the follow:


 Sun Lotion

 Walking sticks (we will try two per person)

 Frontal flashlights (on nocturnal hikes)

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